Discover our rooms

The cottage has 7 rooms. Each room has its private bathroom. It can accommodate up to 25 people. Certain rooms have twin or double bunk beds, queen, or double beds as well as sofa beds (extra beds are available).


Huge, fully equipped and beautifully designed kitchen with granite countertops, wine cooler, double refrigerator, microwave, and a breathtaking view of the backyard.

Living rooms

A comfortable and inviting main living room with available entertainment (pinball machine, television) and a game room for children with toys, crafts, and video games.

Dining area

There are many different possibilities to arrange the dining tables according to the number of guests (can accommodate up to 30 comfortably seated people).

Living room / Solarium

You’re sure to be impressed by this window-filled living room inviting you to share some drinks with friends, relax by the fireplace, watch a football game on TV or simply relax while admiring the beautiful scenery.